Waste Expense Reduction

Helping You Go Green While Saving You Green!
When it comes to reducing your costs every detail matters. Our comprehensive 30-step evaluation process performed by seasoned auditing and waste management professionals means every detail is evaluated….utilizing our time and experience. It is a proven processes that Guarantees Savings month after month.

No Cash Out Of Pocket-our only compensation is a share in the savings we create for our clients.
Our Findings Mean YOU Benefit.
Highlights of Our Waste and Recycling Expense Reduction Program Include:

1. Free waste analysis that will uncover expense reduction and recycling opportunities that you may not be currently taking advantage of.
Your current waste vendor will be thoroughly analyzed by our consultants to provide an in-depth understanding of how your solid waste and recyclables are being managed. We will look at many facets of your overall waste and recycling operations including detailed information of your waste stream make up, containers, use of compactors and contracts.

2. We provide a complete solution which includes site evaluations, savings recommendations, implementation and ongoing management of your waste and recycling program.
We'll increase opportunities for savings by locating the areas in which we can make the most substantial impact on your bottom line. You'll increase your efficiency and reduce your costs as we meticulously apply knowledge of latest technologies, transportation systems, disposal alternatives, commodity prices and information from our national network of affiliates to your operations. Our industry knowledge and experience is put to work for you so that our clients receive the lowest pricing, appropriate servicing and favorable contract terms that meet the client’s needs, not the hauler.

3. Client remains in control of decisions and contracts-no changes are made without your approval.
Unlike some of our competitors, Cost Management Associates, LLC does not take over your account, rebill your service or have any affiliation with any hauler! The contracts remain with you, we work with your existing hauler and again we work with our clients for our clients so that you are always in control of the final decision.

4. Our full management program includes monthly auditing of every facility, resolution of all vendor service and billing issues, continuous process improvement and generation of a monthly Savings Summary Report.
You can be confident that once your waste and recycling is be managed by Cost Management Associates, LLC that we will handle all facets of your waste and recycling life cycle. There is more to a successful program than just saving money, having a reliable company that can resolve issues, audit monthly invoices, get credits for missed service days etc., are the types of things that have proven to be of even more value to some clients piece of mind.

For More Information please contact us today to find out about a free waste analysis for your business!

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