Power Expense Reduction

Cost Management Associates, LLCwill find, and keep you in best energy pricing. We will make sure you’re not being overcharged and we will do that at no cost to you – now or in the future.
We are an energy broker offering commercial businesses and nonprofit organizations significant reductions in their energy expenditures. We provide a free, no cost - no obligation energy rate analysis and secure the lowest possible energy prices for our clients so they can take full advantage of the newly deregulated energy environment.

As a broker in the energy management industry, our unique relationship enables us to secure the lowest energy rates for your business or organization with retail energy providers (REPs). Retail energy providers are willing to give us their lowest energy rates because we are part of a major source of new customers who they are constantly seeking given the new environment of energy deregulation. By being an energy broker give us the ability to offer the lowest energy rates for businesses, profit and nonprofit organizations.

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